Wednesday, March 27, 2013


So, I hadn't planned on going to our ladies Bible study that started today. Hadn't even crossed my mind really. But my mom text me this morning and said, "come!" So, I collected myself a bit, got Q up and ready and headed out.

And the study happens to be on Hannah, Samuel's mother. If you don't know this story, please go read it. It's an oldie, but a goodie. (1 Samuel) The study is called: Entrusting Your Dreams to God.

Y'all... Exactly what I blogged about on Friday!!!! Creepy!!! But like in a good way. Now I feel like The Lord really has something planned for me here. Something He wants to teach me, show me. And I'm excited!! What could it be??? I'll be sure to update you as it plays out, but I just wanted to share the craziness with you. What's even funnier, is that after I wrote that post I was like, "uh... That was totally random and pointless, but oh well, it's out there..."

And it WASN'T random! God put that on my heart for some reason. I just LOVE a good mystery.


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