Friday, March 22, 2013

Dream on...

Clay and I were having a conversation a couple nights ago about our "dream jobs." This is just a game I like to play every once in a while. I feel like it gets us out of our rut of thinking, even if just for a moment. Helps us think big! Think the impossible!

What would you do, if you could do anything?

It's harder than you think. And it's better to do it with someone else. You learn a lot about a person that way. I think it's important to dream. And dream big. I remember when I was maybe in junior high, living in Lubbock, me and my best friend Tiffany decided that we wanted to buy a horse. Yeah, ya know. Just... buy a horse... to share. We looked through the Thrifty Nickel (a local paper dedicated to classified ads) to see what the going rate was for a horse. And since we lived in the suburbs, we had to explore the cost of stables, food, a saddle, and other miscellaneous accessories. I can't even remember what the total was that we came up with, but we were optimistic. 

$3,000 and then maybe $300 per month for stable rental.


No problem.

We got this.

So, once we had crunched the numbers, we decided to come up with a plan to earn this measly few thousand dollars... eh-hem...

Naturally, we decided that we would start a dog-walking business. We drew up flyers and decided on what to charge people. Came up with a name (that I can't remember, but I just KNOW it was something awesome).

And after ALL that... you know... I can't remember walking one dog. Earning one dollar. It was something we had dreamed up over a do-nothing afternoon and were so excited about one day, and the next, we had moved on to the something else.

Ok, so there is a part of me that remembers this story and thinks, "What were we thinking?!? That's absurd!!! " 

But is it???

I mean, how does anything get started? Facebook, Toms shoes, Zippers??? With an idea. And usually a crazy idea. And you've got to have some serious drive and support to make it through the fire to the other side. I love hearing the back story on something I assume doesn't have a back story. Know what I mean? 

Anyway, Clay is still trying to come up with an answer for what he would do if he could do anything. And I'm looking forward to hearing whatever it is. But my answer was this:

I would have liked to have been a magazine editor. When I started college at Texas Tech, that was my goal. My senior year, I even went and visited Northwestern in Evanston, Illinois, in hopes of being accepted into their Masters program. If you've ever seen The Devil Wears Prada... that's me. I wanted to do that. Be Meryl Streep (minus the whole being a complete wretch of a human being). 

But also in my senior year, I started dating Clay, fell in love and changed my major.

The 110 Roomies. We look like we're 12. And what we are sitting on was Clay and I's first "couch." A pint size futon. Yep. High rollers, that's us.
One of my favorite pics of Clay and I. Lake Limestone.
Me and the bestie, Mel on a camping trip. It's our mission in life to see how hideous we can look. And then we laugh about it. A lot. I mean... a lot.
In D.C. about to tour the White House. Excitement!
More 110 fun. I got burnt to a CRISP on this trip. I mean... you can't even believe how red my skin was. It was basically awesome. And by awesome, of course I mean horrific.

Warrior Dash with Kathy. Love this girl. She is ALWAYS up for an adventure.
Our sweet angel.
Isn't it funny how the big plans we have, when looking back, weren't nearly as big as we thought. And how the Lord's plans for us are so much bigger than we could have ever imagined? I would have missed all these sweet memories!! Clay and I have been married 7 years and I have zero regrets for not moving to Evanston. What a life I would have missed!!! But that doesn't mean I quit dreaming. I just have new dreams now. Different ones. Still just as big (and some just as crazy as buying a horse as a 12 year-old). Cause it's just fun. So dream on, ya'll.


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